Judge rules Bashara does not have right to have lawyer present when giving writing sample

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Wayne County Circuit Court judge has ruled that Bob Bashara does not have the right to have his attorney, or any representative from his defense team, in the room when he gives a handwriting sample to prosecutors.

The ruling follows last week's motion by David Griem asking the court to allow either himself or someone he designated to be present when Bashara provided the writing sample.

Prosecutors want to compare his handwriting with writings on a number of items including a check and a Valentine's Day card. 

It's unclear if the card investigators have is from Bashara to his wife or his reported mistress.

Bob Bashara has become the main suspect in his wife Jane's murder. He was called a "person of interest" shortly after her body was found in January.

Joe Gentz, a handyman who has done work for Bob Bashara, is being held on charges including murder and conspiracy.

Shortly after the murder Gentz walked into the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department and reportedly confessed to killing Jane Bashara.

Sources close to the investigation say Gentz claims Bob Bashara hired him to murder his wife and forced him to carry out the killing at gunpoint.

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