Judge Wade McCree's steamy shirtless pic could lead to hot water for popular figure

7 Action News obtains racy pic of local judge

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - It's the shirtless photo seen round the Internet--Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree flaunting a buff bod in front of a mirror.

A man reportedly found the photo on his wife's cell phone and now he may be filing a complaint with the Judicial Tenure Commission.

"It was not sent out for any ill will or any wrong purpose," says the judge's close friend Bernie Pavone.

Pavone says the photo was taken almost two years ago after the judge had run a half-marathon and he texted the photo to several courthouse employees who were impressed with his physique and athletic prowess and none of the recipients ever complained.

Pavone, who also received the photo, provided 7 Action News with a copy.

Labor attorney Deborah Gordon says she does not think there is anything criminal nor would it be considered a case of sexual harassment if there is only one photo, meaning the behavior was not pervasive, and the recipient herself never had a problem with it.

"Bad judgment, not the best thinking in the world," says Gordon. "But I don't see any legal violation here."

Chief Judge Virgil Smith has declined to comment and the Judicial Tenure Commission says it never reveals whether a complaint has been filed unless the commission makes a formal charge after an investigation.

"It's hard to believe based on one picture that anybody is going to do anything from a disciplinary point of view," says Gordon.

If the Judicial Tenure Commission files a formal charge, sanctions could be recommended. It would be up to the Michigan Supreme Court to decide the exact punishment.

Judge McCree declined to speak to 7 Action News on the record for this story.

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