Judicial Tenure Commission argues to remove Judge Wayne McCree from bench, suspend him for 6 years

LANSING (WXYZ) - Wayne County Judge Wade McCree, embroiled in controversy for the better part of two years, could soon be kicked off the bench.

Earlier this year, McCree acknowledged having an affair with a litigant in his courtroom.  Today, the Judicial Tenure Commission made its final pitch to have him removed from the bench and suspended for years.

JTC attorney Paul Fischer argued McCree brought shame to his profession by not only carrying on a sexual relationship with a woman who had a child support hearing before him, but even sometimes having romantic encounters in his courtroom chambers. 

The commission is asking the Michigan Supreme Court to remove McCreee from the bench and, starting in 2015, suspend him from office for a period of six years. Their decision is expected in weeks.

But McCree's attorney argued today that even though his client shouldn't have had the relationship to begin with, it didn't effect how he ruled in the child support matter and that the judge deserves a much lighter punishment.

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