Judicial Tenure Commission hearing testimony in abuse of power case against Judge Wade McCree

(WXYZ) - Today marked the beginning of a formal disciplinary hearing against Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree.

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has accused McCree of carrying on a sexual relationship with complaining witness Geniene La'Shay Mott, who had a pending child support case before him, as well as filing a false felony report and demeaning defendants who appeared in his courtroom.

"(McCree) may not think there's shame in his game, but the facts and the witnesses in this trial will show that he shamed the bench, he shamed the legal profession, he violated the code of the judicial conduct, and violated the law," said Margaret Rynier, an attorney for the state's Judicial Tenure Commission.

McCree admits to the affair with Mott, but says it didn't impact how he ruled.  Today, Mott recalled when she first met the judge.

"I was having a conversation with his court deputy. I think we were discussing lunch," Mott said.

"Mr. McCree joined into the conversation, and eventually he stepped around to our side of the conversation and gave me his business card."

From there, says Mott, began a months-long affair that included going to lunch and football games, texting back and forth while McCree was on the bench, and more.

"Between May and November 2012, did you engage in sexual conduct with Judge McCree," asked Rynier.

"Yes," Mott said, adding that their encounters included hotels, Mcree's family home and even his chambers.

The two texted constantly, Mott said, often about her pending child support case.  In one exchange, she and McCree discussed incarcerating the father of Mott's child if he didn't make a $2,500 payment. 

Their relationship continued and, last September, McCree transferred the case to another judge. By then, Mott says, their affair had spanned months.

In November, Mott says she told McCree that she was carrying his baby.  She's still pregnant today, but was evasive on the witness stand when asked by McCree's lawyer if that baby was the judge's.

Minutes later, Mott said that she wasn't sure if it was.

McCree is also accused of improper bench conduct, texting demeaning comments to Mott about other defendants in his courtroom.

"C'mon, U'r talking about the ‘docket from hell,' filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes," McCree texted.   

The judge is accused of filing a false report of a felony when he accused Mott of stalking him.  Today, prosecutor Kym Worthy took the stand, and recalled receiving a phone call from McCree.

"He said he had been a bad boy," Worthy recalled.

"I said 'What did that mean?'  He said that he had started a relationship outside of his marriage, that it was very brief and that it hadn't meant anything. And that now the woman was claiming to be pregnant and was stalking him."

But Worthy said that McCree didn't mention that Mott was a complaining witness in his courtroom. She said her office investigated the stalking allegation, but ultimately brought no charges.

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