TSA finds knife in Metro Airport passenger's shoe

ROMULUS, Mich. (WXYZ) - There was a close call at a Detroit Metro Airport security checkpoint where TSA officials stopped a man from flying with a knife hidden in his shoe. The good news is the knife never made it onto the plane, but federal officials are concerned about just how well this weapon was concealed.

"Is that a knife under the interior," asked traveler Madison Meyer after taking a look at the photo released by federal officials."

That’s crazy." said traveler James Irvin, "That’s a regular shoe. Yeah, it’s right under the pad."

It was a scary sight for travelers at Metro Airport, where TSA officials detected the knife hidden under the lining of a passenger’s shoe. Wayne County Airport Police officers were called to checkpoint Sunday morning where the man was arrested immediately.

Metro Airport says the shoe and the knife were actually carry-on items, not worn into checkpoint by the passenger. We’ve also learned police released the man hours after his arrest.  Still, it’s raised the eyebrows of more than a few travelers who are thankful the artfully concealed weapon never took flight.

“It’s good that they found it." said Meyer, "It’s good that we have to follow the rules and take off our shoes.”

“That makes it worth it." said Irvin, "That means they’re doing their jobs. That means you’re not just taking your shoes off in vain. They’re actually finding stuff.”

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