Awrey's bakery workers to receive layoff notices, company facing uncertain future

LIVONIA, Mich. (WXYZ) - A lot of people who work for a well-known Michigan-based company are facing an uncertain future. The baking company Awrey's is expected to issue 60-day layoff notices to 150 employees.

Awrey's has a storied history and is a Michigan insitution, but it's future is in question.

The head of the union local here says the investment companies that own Awrey's are looking for a new buyer or partner. And unless they find one 150 union workers could be out of a job.

The union chief says by law Awrey's gave them a 60-day warning that if a new buyer was not found the lay-offs would go down. But the chief also said he is very confident a new investor will step in.

The famous bakery has seen some troubled times since its opening in 1910. Just six months ago management threatened a shut-down if union workers did not take a pay cut.

We reached out to Awrey's management late this afternoon. We were told no one was available and no one could be reached.

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