Livonia Public Schools alerts parents after two stranger danger incidents in the area

LIVONIA, Mich. (WXYZ) - Livonia Public Schools issued a letter to parents warning of two "stranger danger" incidents in the community.

Read the letter below:

Dear Livonia Public School Parents/Guardians,

Some parents may have already received information this week about a "stranger danger" incident in the vicinity of your child's school. This message is to inform all district parents that there have been two such incidents within two days. You may see coverage of these incidents in the local media.

The first incident occurred at approximately 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. A female high school student was walking home after school, in the area of Joy Road and Flamingo, in the City of Westland, across from Franklin High School, when an older model, gold-colored vehicle stopped near the corner of Flamingo and Mackenzie, near Corrado Park. Three men attempted to engage in conversation with the student. As the back seat passenger opened his door, the girl fled. She and her parents filed a report with the Westland Police Department.

The driver and front seat passenger are described as white males, in their 30s, with facial hair; and the back seat passenger is described as a younger black male.

The second incident occurred Thursday, Oct. 24 in the area of Newburgh and Five Mile. A female middle school student was walking home from school, in the subdivision located northwest of the Newburgh and Five Mile intersection, when an older man stopped and asked her if she needed a ride home.

The man is described as having grayish-white hair, and was driving an older model, dark blue Ford pickup truck with a cab on the back.

The girl ran and a police report was filed with the Livonia Police Department.

When incidents such as these occur, the school district notifies parents and staff and issues a reminder for parents to talk with their children about safety precautions.

Those precautions include walking in groups; not engaging in conversation with strangers; running if they are feeling threatened or afraid; and immediately notifying the police and an adult of the incident. We are relieved these students are safe, and are proud that they took appropriate action.

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