Local Grinches busted trying to steal Christmas decorations in Lincoln Park

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - A pair of thieves get a lump of coal and a jail cell this Christmas. They were caught red handed trying to steal decorations right off people's lawns.

This was an ugly crime committed by two who weren't very smart and got busted on surveillance video.

Three-year-old Holly Price tells us, "Yeah, it's wrong to steal."

She lives in one of the homes targeted.

"He's a Grinch and he steals everything," she says.

"I was heartbroken for my wife, who just got over surgery and came out here and put all this stuff up. What kind of lowlife steals Santa Claus?" says Holly's grandpa, Ed Price. "Lowlifes that need to be in jail."

Police thought the same things and quickly acted to catch them - after seeing surveillance video several neighbors provided.

"They got two videos, my video and a neighbors video" says Ed Price. "They have them dead to rights."

Price's granddaughter, Holly, is happy police returned her Santa decorations.

The husband and wife Grinches are locked up at Lincoln Park Police Headquarters. They have not yet been charged.

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