Local man arrested after 8-hour standoff with police

INSKTER (WXYZ) - Police have arrested an Inkster man after an 8-hour standoff with officers.

Around 4:45 a.m. Thanksgiving Thursday, Inkster Police Chief Hilton Napoleon said a man began firing shots inside his home.

"A female came running out saying an acquaintance fired two shots in the television set," said Chief Napoleon.

Once officers arrived, they began securing the area on Williams Street near Pine. They first attempted to communicate with the suspect by throwing a phone through the window.

The suspect refused to use the phone.

Then police used tear gas three times to try to get him to come peacefully. It had no effect on him.

Finally, with a ram attached to a tank, police knocked down the door to his home.

"As a last resort in order to get him out of there we had to breach the door and go in and get him,"  said Chief Napoleon.

Cornesha Lowman watched from her porch, down the street.

"It's kind of strange for it to be Thanksgiving and you wake up to something so violent and you mainly only see this in movies,"  said Lowman.

After ramming through the house, the suspect busted out of his home, kicking and screaming.

An arrest was made and no one was harmed.

"I thank the Inkster Police for getting this over with so nobody else gets hurt or anything," said Lowman.

The suspect was taken to the Inkster Police Department for booking.  He will mostly likely be held in a mental facility. 

The case is under investigation.

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