Local mom of six without water demands answers from city hall

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - "It's just unbelievable," says LaTonya Everhart who has been living in her Highland Park home with her six kids for over a month without any running water.

"I don't owe them a bill. I don't owe them anything," says Everhart who tells 7 Action News that city workers dug a large hole in her front yard a few weeks ago to try and turn the water service on, but encountered some kind of problem and simply left.

The family has been filling up large jugs of water at a relative's house to drink and flush the toilet.

On Monday, Everhart was so frustrated that she drove her six children down to Highland Park City Hall to demand answers. But Everhart who works for Highland Park Schools says she didn't get anything but a cold shoulder.

That's when Everhart contacted 7 Action News. We called the city attorney who looked into the situation and said the city needs to get a special contractor out to Everhart's Ferris street home to fix the problem.

By Monday evening, City Attorney Todd Perkins had still not told us how soon the water at Everhart's home would be fixed. And frustration has set in with Everhart's children.

"It's very frustrating. We just had Thanksgiving and I had to cook the whole meal next door because we didn't have any water," said Everhart's daughter, Brittney Gavin.

Stay with 7 Action News for updates as we aim to get LaTonya Everhart and her children running water in their home.

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