Man nearly loses job after lightning strikes home

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Lighting strikes a home in Metro Detroit, starting a fire and displacing a family of five. On top of all that, nature almost cost the family their livelihood--until 7 Action News started looking for answers.

“It was like blue, a bright, bluish flash." recalls Brandy Ruch, who was asleep when lightning struck her home Wednesday morning, "I was just like, ‘What the heck was that?’ Shook the whole house, the kids jumped, went running, dogs went off.”

“My house caught on fire." said Jake Ruch, "My sister’s bedroom was blazing when I came out.”

“They were my kids rooms [where the fire started]," said Brandy, "My daughter lost everything, my son lost everything."

And as if the flames weren’t enough, Will Ruch got some heat for trying to call in to work.

“I’ve been working, just started Monday through a temp service." said Will Ruch, "And I called them and said my house was on fire. And then they sent me a text message saying I didn’t have a job no more.”

The text from Sentech told Will he couldn't return unless he heard from them. Will says Sentech told him this was a decision from the company using the temp agency’s workers. So 7 Action News paid a visit to Die Services International.

A company spokesman, who wouldn’t identify himself, told 7 Action News Die Services would never terminate a worker under those circumstances, and referred us to Sentech. When we pushed the temp agency for clarification, it seemed Sentech changed its tune.

“[Will Ruch] has taken time off to address his personal situation. He is welcome to return as soon as he can get back to work.” said Christine Jermont with Sentech Services, “Yes, it sounds like it was a complete misunderstanding.”

The Ruch's aren't allowed to go back into their home yet. They're waiting for firefighters to give them the okay. For now, they're be staying with family.

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