Man told to stop throwing trash at a church retaliates by shooting at the church and pastor's car

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - A man shoots up a pastor’s car and her church because he was told to stop throwing trash against the church on Detroit’s east side.

Pastor Ola Taylor feels lucky to be alive.

“I thank God for sparing my life,” said Pastor Ola Taylor.

That’s because the shooting happened just minutes before she walked out of her church near seven mile and outer drive and got into her car.

“Just about.  I mean like two minutes before this happened,” said Pastor Ola.

Someone used an AK-47 to fire four wild rounds at new branch outreach ministry and four rounds into the pastor’s car.

“Those bullets travel farther than the car.  They go miles,” said Khalifa Fleming, the pastor’s son-in-law.

One of the rounds penetrated the top of the pastor’s driver’s seat.

“I could’ve gotten killed,” said Pastor Ola.  “The driver side seat if you can see the bullet hole in the top,” said a member of the congregation.

The shooting happened around 4 p.m. because a man didn’t like being told to stop throwing trash and bottles against the church.

“I was standing over by the doorway and I kept hearing something breaking against the side,” said Richard Thompson who works security for the church.

Thompson is the one who told the man to stop and respect their property, but the guy didn’t like that at all.

“I just look at him like.  And he looked back at me like, what are you looking at man?” said Thompson.

Thompson said when the man was done giving him dirty looks, the guy hopped into a nearby vehicle.

“He ran back and got in.  He said, take me to my mom’s house, and they flew down the street,” said Thompson.

A short time after that is when the guy drove back with two women in his car and opened fire on the pastor’s car and the church.

“You’re just trying to help beautify the community and then you have somebody that’s going to shoot you because you want to keep your area clean?  That just don’t make sense at all,” said Fleming.

Detroit Police took the report and a detective will begin working the case immediately. 

Thompson, the man working security at the church, tells us the vehicle the shooter drove looked like a green van with a stripe. 

If you know anything, please call the Detroit Police Department.

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