LIVE MAP: Where are the salt trucks and snowplows? Track Wayne County crews on live map with video

DETROIT (WXYZ) - When it snows, we all seem to wonder: Where are the snowplows? Wayne County has an answer to that. They've created a live map for you to track county road crews.


The live map shows trucks that are currently on the roads and it also allows you to view video.

Some trucks provide a live video feed and a listing of where they've traveled. Others provide only location information.

In addition to live video, recordings from earlier plowing also appear in some spots on the map.

At the nucleus of the operation at Wayne County Public Services is a command center in Romulus.

Employees there are able to see the routes salt trucks are currently taking and up-to-the-minute video of how bad the conditions are for drivers.

Wayne County Public Services has a website where residents can see the path of the roads that have been plowed and the path plows and salt trucks are taking.

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