Meeting over possible Emergency Manager for Highland Park schools in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) - Highland Park school administrators don't want an emergency manager running their district but they could be one step closer to that harsh reality.

They went to Lansing with their attorneys to present their case to the state superintendent of schools. But they weren't the only ones who had a say.

Two of the ten members of a financial  review team were there with opposing opinions.

The district thinks it can work its way out of its deepening deficit. Sizable union concessions are just one example according to attorney George Butler.

"The review team didn't take that into consideration," he said.

Review board members say they've determined Highland Park's school board is "dysfunctional" and the district is incapable of running itself.

Carol Wolenberg said, "A financial emergency exists and there's no plan to deal with it."

Highland Park's superintendent Edith Hightower told 7 Action News "it would be unfair to detail our plan before we talk with parents. We need public meetings."

The state's deputy superintendent presided over the hearing. He gave both sides until Monday to pass along any additional information. Sometime after his office will compile findings that will been given to Governor Snyder.

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