Michigan State Police now assisting in Renisha McBride case

(WXYZ) - Michigan State Police took pictures and measurements in the car that Renisha McBride crashed the night she was killed.

The crash took place 6 blocks and 3 hours away from the front porch where her life ended. 

Her white Ford Taurus has severe front end damage. Calls to Detroit Police started at 12:57 saying a woman was speeding and she hit a parked car. 

Did Renisha have a head injury from the crash? Her family's attorney, Jerry Thruswell tells 7 Action News Renisha left her home at 11 p.m. to go to a friend's house, and that Renisha talked with a resident near where she crashed at Majestic and Bremell in Detroit. 

That resident has talked with investigators and reportedly said Renisha was bleeding from the head, disoriented and said she wanted to go home and walked away.

Had she been drinking? Toxicology results are not finished but police sources say a preliminary blood test shows 19-year-old Renisha had alcohol in her system. 

She walked across Warren Avenue into Dearborn Heights and was shot in the face and killed on a front porch at 4:30 a.m. The 54-year-old white homeowner has not been charged as the case is reviewed.  

Legal experts say his actions, his state of mind and whether they are reasonable under the circumstances are important in the decision on whether he is charged with murder, manslaughter, accidental discharge of a weapon or cleared of wrongdoing. 

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