Mom says daughter picked up marijuana magazine from school

WESTLAND (WXYZ) - Kay Jones told 7 Action News she was going through her 7-year-old daughter's back pack when she noticed her child had brought home a magazine.

The little girl told her mom she was attracted to it because the President was placed on the cover and there was a picture of a puppy inside.

After Jones started flipping through the magazine, she found something unnerving. It was filled with pages of advertisements for medical marijuana.

"I was seeing pictures of marijuana, grow tips and things like that. I was baffled that she brought this home from school," said Jones.

The 2 nd grader told her mom she found the magazine in a bin in her art class at Walker Winter Elementary.  Jones told 7 Action News students are allowed to choose from a pile of books and magazines.

"It is legal but I don't care if it was alcohol or cigarettes," said Jones.  "Either way it is not something that should be brought home from an elementary school… whether it is legal or not."

7 Action News spoke to the Wayne Westland School District Superintendent Gregory Baracy by phone.

According to Baracy, the district has not been able to validate the child actually got it from the school but they are investigating.

"This is absolutely not any resource material of the Wayne Westland Schools.  Nor would Wayne Westland hand it out to any student or child," said Baracy.

Jones is hoping more parents check their child's backpack just in case this happens again anywhere.

Jones said she returned the magazine to the school so the school district can continue its investigation.

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