New airline rules take effect today aimed at protecting flyers

ROMULUS, Mich. (WXYZ) - If an airline has ever lost your luggage, or bumped you from a flight, there's good news for you.

Starting Tuesday, new government regulations take effect aimed at protecting passengers' time and money.

The rules implemented by U.S. Transportation Department include several new provisions.

Baggage Fees: Airlines will have to refund bag fees if a traveler's luggage is lost, not if it's delivered late.

Bumped from Flight: Compensation has been raised. Short delays entitle travelers up to twice the amount of the ticket, up to $650. For longer delays, passengers can get up to four times the ticket amount, or up to $1,300.

Tarmac Delays: Food, water and working toilets must be provided to passengers who are stuck on the tarmac after two hours. The new rules also include a four-hour time limit international flights can spend sitting on the tarmac. The rule is three hours for domestic flights.

Advertising: Airlines must disclose all potential fees. This includes bags, meals reservation changes and seat upgrades.

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