New audio communications between police and fire that give a firsthand account of the I-75 pile-up

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - 7 Action News obtained dispatch audio recordings from between emergency crews and law enforcement during the I-75 pile-up that killed three people Thursday.

The communications between Detroit EMS, Detroit Firefighters, and Michigan State Police give a firsthand account of the chaos happening that day.

The squalls blew through quickly and caused a whiteout on I-75 at Springwells that caused some 30 vehicles to crash into one another due to the low visibility.    While MSP move from car to car looking for people trapped, you can hear the new dangers that come up like a semi truck leaking diesel fuel.

You can also hear emergency responders reporting the injured and how they started shutting down the freeway so there would be no more accidents and no more injuries.

Then a short time later police call out more accidents and more injuries including a car with an unconscious couple.  15-20 people were injured in all.

We now know that 54-year-oold Larry Manolis of Allen Park lost his life when he crashed in his pickup truck.

The two children who died are a 7-year-old boy from Ontario, Canada and his 9-year-old stepsister.  They were part of a blended family traveling on the freeway that day.  The girl's 10-year-old sister is still in critical condition at Children's Hospital.  The father is in good condition and a mother is still in critical condition at the hospital.

What happened in an instant will forever be etched in the lives of everyone on I-75 that day.

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