Officials take dozens of pets from Dearborn Heights pet store after owner charged with cruelty

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Dozens of people came to the Pet Station in Dearborn Heights today.

The children wanted to see puppies, but angry adults wanted to confront the owner about puppies they bought that died suddenly.

No one 7 Action News spoke with had any idea the Michigan Humane Society had seized the puppies and the Wayne County Prosecutor was charging owner Ramzi Dakhlallah with animal cruelty, selling animals under false pretenses and health violations.

However, they are did tell us they are not surprised.

The owner of one dog named Sophie told us that his one year old is alive but not well and that her veterinarian bills are approaching a thousand dollars.

She says Sophie vomits, constantly scratches herself and had a "cherry eye."

7 Action News was told the Humane Society removed puppies, reptiles and birds from the store, only leaving fish and the owner's dog behind.

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