One day after a 22-year-old is shot while walking home from college, police hold a crime summit

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - A young man was shot while walking home from school with his brothers.  He is recovering in the hospital but his mother is outraged and has strong words for Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

When the shake down at Greenfield and Grand River didn't go down,  thieves tried to put three brothers down.

"They shot at my brother three times," said 17-year-old Jerome Brace.  Brace said his older brother,  22-year-old William Blunt jumped in the line of fire to save their 16-year-old brother.

"The guy was trying to cock back his gun and shoot at my brother.  He ran towards him and that's when he shot at his stomach," said Brace.

The brothers were coming home from college and high school.  A good boy mom said, shot for doing a good thing.

"It is not the way we want to raise our children.  It's not the place we want to be but you live where you can afford to be," said their mother Shajuan Blunt.

She wanted to know if her cries would be heard by Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

"Police chief if you're listening you need to do something.  You need to do whatever you can to help these young people go to school and come home safely," said Blunt.

We went and found Chief Craig at a crime summit on the east side.  

"My heart goes out to that mother.  And I understand her frustration.  I'm angry, I've been here four months.  This is not the city I left," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Chief Craig said so far this year there have been 40 less homicides and 50 less people shot in the city compared to last year.

"I'm not sitting here, waiving these stats around as if we've succeeded.  There is plenty of work that needs to be done," said Chief Craig.

He said Detroit will be safer for families like the three brothers.  Chief Craig said he has new initiatives rolling out soon like a neighborhood police officer program that dedicates an officer to every precinct to become a familiar face to residents and try to prevent violence before it happens.

"This didn't happen overnight. And I can't change it overnight.  But so far it is moving in the right direction," said Chief Craig.

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