Outback Steakhouse changes policy after 4-year-old and 2 teens served alcohol by accident

GARDEN CITY, Mich (WXYZ) - In response to an Action News story, Outback Steakhouse says they have fired an employee who served kids alcohol samples, and they are now promising not to serve alcoholic samples anymore.

In a statement that places partial responsibility on the Kerwin family, the Outback Steakhouse legal team did apologize, saying we should have informed the adults the samples contained alcohol.

"The change is great, I just wish they would have held up to their end of the bargain" said Kelly Kerwin who claims she asked the server if the slushy drink samples contained alcohol before she had some with her 4-year-old daughter Gracelyn and two teenage niece and nephew.

Gracelyn and her 13 and 15-year-old cousins drank a couple of  the slushy samples that were being passed around by a server at the steakhouse near King's Island amusement park in Ohio.

In the drinks - Peach Schnapp's and Vodka.

Kelly Kerwin expected out of it - a proper apology and follow through on a promise.  "They said they wanted to make it right and give a donation, and they even offered canned goods."  Kerwin said Outback officials promised to give to her church as an apology for the mistake.

She was told by Steakhouse attorney's that would not be happening.

Little Gracelyn and her cousins are all alright.  She turns 5 and starts school tomorrow.

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