Parents concerned over letter from Governor Snyder regarding Highland Park Schools

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Officials at the Highland Park School District say they have received several phone calls from parents panicking about a letter from Governor Rick Snyder.

In the letter, Snyder discussed the school district's financial crisis.  He told parents during the 2010-11 school year, HPS was $3 million over budget.

Snyder said the district has not met its budget this school year, and is unable to meet its payroll for teachers and staff.

The Governor said, "I am concerned  about the welfare of the students at HPS and their educational opportunities.  I am not willing to take a chance with your children."

School Spokesperson, Robert Davis says he was just in Lansing on Friday for a hearing.

The district is appealing a decision made by the Governor to bring in an emergency financial manager.

"The school district was up in Lansing on Friday and they failed to share this letter with us…which is quite disingenuous again on their part," says Highland Park School District spokesperson Robert Davis, " We are supposed to be participating in a fair and impartial hearing and here the Governor is going behind our back sending this correspondence to the parents."

Some parents are confused by the different stances of the school district and the Governor. 

School officials are assuring parents and students the schools will not be closing next month.  They anticipate the Departments of Treasury and Education and the Governor to make a decision on the appeal sometime this week.


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