Pastor stabbed 37 times comes face to face with his alleged attacker

Pastor says good things have come from the crime

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich (WXYZ) - A Highland Park pastor came face-to-face with his alleged attacker in court Tuesday. "God's hand was definitely upon it," said Pastor Kevin Ramsby.

The pastor should be dead.

"They called my wife saying she needed to get here because they did not think I was going to be making it," said Pastor Ramsby.

Two years ago, police say 41-year-old Wesley McLemore broke into the pastor's Highland Park home and stabbed him 37 times. Authorities arrested McLemore four months after the attack in Alabama. He was recently extradited back to Michigan.

"It's been a long awaited and I'm glad it's here," said Pastor Ramsby.

The pastor will have to wait a little while more after Tuesday's preliminary hearing was delayed for two weeks.

"Today I signed that I would, and asked and requested that if I could have an opportunity to sit down with him and speak with him I would want to if he would be willing," said Pastor Ramsby.

Five months of therapy almost every day for two hours a day didn't keep the pastor from returning back to the congregation at Revival Tabernacle shortly after the attack.

"It's been a journey. And I've been more concentrated on kind of focusing on the good that's coming out of it all," said Pastor Ramsby.

One of those positives is taking a bookstore about a mile from the church and turning it into a new ministry for young men.

"It's an organization that's going to be focusing on trying to bring hope to the community of Highland Park and working with men, maybe like my attacker," said Pastor Ramsby.

Pastor Ramsby says he forgave his attacker two years ago in his hospital bed.

"I've been forgiven much in my life. So for me it's not too hard to forgive others when you've been forgiven yourself," said Pastor Ramsby.

Action News is still waiting for calls back from McLemore's attorney to comment on the case.

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