Police dog bites 63-year-old as officers arrest her son

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Rose Bieringer says she's the victim of police who unleashed their dog upon her in her own home. The dog bit 63-year-old Rose on her side delivering a deep cut and painful bruising.

It happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday. Police came to the Bieringer's home on Weddel in Taylor after tracking 22-year-old Michael Bieringer to the house. Officers say he had stolen a vehicle.

Police conducted surveillance on the home and then approached the front door. According to officers they knocked, Rose came to the door, officers explained the situation and Rose refused to let them inside. Police say that's when they forced their way in with a police dog.

At some point the dog lunged at Rose, sinking its teeth into her side.

Rose disputes this version of events saying police forced their way into the house with the dog – and when she asked police what was going on the dog lunged at her.

She says officers handcuffed her and took her outside in her nightgown without letting her put on her shoes. She was taken to the hospital and ticketed for interfering with the arrest of her son.

Her son, Michael Bieringer, 22, is locked up. He has a history of criminal activity.

Click here to see his record.

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