Police raid chop shop in Detroit in what appears to be a family operation and part of a larger ring

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Detroit police busted a chop shop where they recovered stolen vehicles and car parts that appear to be a part of a family affair.

Police made the initial bust at two houses on Detroit's east side that were being used as a chop shop. At least six stolen vehicles were recovered and dozens of stolen parts.

It appears it was a family operation where relatives worked together to switch VIN numbers, call the cars new, and then file false insurance claims for stolen vehicles. When they were not trying to scam brand new cars, the suspects stripped vehicles to sell their parts to different places around Detroit.

What happened while 7 Action News crews were at the scene is what makes this story even crazier. 

A Jeep Liberty that drove past the chop shop gave meaning to the phrase "drive it like you stole it" because that is exactly how the teenage girl sped past police when she realized the chop shop she was about to dump the stolen Jeep Liberty off at was being raided.

Undercover officers were suspicious of the vehicle after the 17-year-old girl drove the stolen Jeep from Inkster the wrong way past the chop shop.

Detroit police stopped the teen a couple of miles from the other location, and once police arrested her, they discovered another stolen vehicle in the vicinity.  Police believe this to be related to an even bigger ring in the area.

Police arrested three males and one female at the first location and recovered three guns.

This whole operation came unraveled because of a witness tip. Police say if you know anything about stolen vehicles or a carjacking, to call 1-800-242-HEAT.

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