Police confirm remains found in Brownstown Twp belong to missing woman Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet

BROWNSTOWN TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) - Investigators have confirmed that  the skeletal remains of missing woman Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet were found in a shallow grave in Brownstown Township on Thursday.

 Her skull was discovered in the area last month , according to investigators. 

Collier-Sweet's wallet and car keys were found in the coat she was wearing when she was apparently buried in the grave, according to investigators. 

"Hurt...I've spent the last hour crying," said Misty Jones, Lizzie's niece. "It's unbelievable." 

Collier-Sweet has been missing since January of 2007 when the home she shared with her husband went up in flames.


The medical examiner will now try to determine how she died or was killed. Police have long suspected Lizzie's husband, Roger Sweet, killed her, got rid of her body and then set their home on fire in an effort to destroy any evidence.

Police say it's too soon to tell if Thursday's discovery will lead to charges against Roger Sweet.

Police say they found evidence of foul play in the home and Collier-Sweet's diary where she revealed that she was scared of her husband.

We're told she feared him so much that she slept on the couch next to a hammer and a shotgun.

Roger Sweet claimed that, when he left the house on the morning Collier-Sweet disappeared, his wife was alive and sleeping on the couch.

But Collier-Sweet's body was not in the house and has not been found after a number of intensive searches.

Roger Sweet is currently serving time for sexually assaulting a mentally disabled woman and the 1990 killing of his first wife, Marlene Sweet.

Years ago, the death of Marlene Sweet was ruled accidental but after the disappearance of Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet, that investigation was reopened by Farmington Hills Police.

Sweet, 64, pleaded no contest to Second Degree Murder and is now serving time in prison. 

Evidence that led to the sexual assault case against Sweet also surfaced as police were looking into Collier-Sweet's disappearance.

Since being incarcerated in 2008, we're told Sweet has not made a single phone call.

"The good part is I know what happened now," said Louise Collier, Lizzie's sister. "Now, there's closure." 

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