Possible flu outbreak at a Belleville elementary school has parents worried

BELLEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Parents whose kids go to an elementary school in Belleville said they received a phone call and letter home to keep a close eye on them in case they get sick.

"They said that there was flu like symptoms going around and that they were going to scrub down the school on the weekend and everything should be fine and dandy," said Kristine Brymer, a parent of a child at the school.

"Keep your eyes on your children, and watch for any symptoms," said Tracy Stiehr relaying the message left on her voicemail.   Her daughter attends the school.

Parents said the warning came after a flu outbreak at Edgemont Elementary in Belleville.  Brymer's niece is one of the sick children.   "She had a slight fever, vomiting, and diarrhea all night long.  Every 15 to 20 minutes she was vomiting and having diarrhea," said Brymer.

The note home told parents the Van Buren Public School District contacted the health department.  The letter also said the district is following proper procedures like disinfecting the school over the weekend and paying close attention to common areas.

"I think that they should've called me when the first ten gets sick.  I don't think it's fair for my kid to sit there with all the germs around him," said Brymer.

"My daughter told me that her friend got sick and threw up in class," said Stiehr.

Both parents are a little worried to send their kids back to school on Monday.

"They can pick up flu anywhere," said Stiehr.

"I'm scared for him to go back to school on Monday.  I'm afraid it's not going to be as clean as they say it's going to be and I think that I might keep him home for a couple of days," said Brymer.

7 Action News contacted the superintendent and the district but our phone calls have not been returned yet.  Parents said that as far as they know school is open on Monday.

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