Prosecution rests in trial of Theodore Wafer, defense starts with forensic pathologist Werner Spitz

DETROIT (WXYZ) - If he takes the stand, the jury deciding the fate of Theodore Wafer could hear from the 55-year-old Dearborn Heights man as early as Thursday.

Prosecutors rested their case Wednesday afternoon after a Wayne County assistant medical examiner testified that 19-year-old Renisha McBride was about three feet away from a shotgun when she was hit in the face by its pellets.

Dr. Kilak Kesha also testified that after he washed blood off of McBride's hands, he did not see any injury to them.

But Dr. Werner Spitz, the first witness to take the stand for the defense, told jurors that he examined crime scene photographs and that one of McBride's hands did appear to be swollen.

Prosecutors believe McBride, who had been very intoxicated, suffered a head injury when she crashed her car about a half-mile away from Wafer's home, suggesting she would not have had the strength or other ability to wreak havoc outside Wafer's house three hours later as the defense claims she did.

After examining the photographs of McBride's car that displayed damage to her windshield, Dr. Spitz said he concluded that McBride did sustain a head injury in the crash.

Dr. Spitz will return to the stand Thursday morning.

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