Prosecutors say dog's detection of human decomposition points to murder of Bianca Jones

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Prosecutors in D'Andre Lane's murder trial say the odor of a dead body in Lane's vehicle and his home point to the murder of his two-year-old missing daughter, Bianca Jones.

On Wednesday, the jury listened to testimony from Martin Grime, a dog handler who works for the FBI in their Forensic Canine Program. 

Two days after Lane told Detroit Police that Bianca was snatched by carjackers, Grime used "Morse", a 41-pound English Springer Spaniel trained to detect the odor of human decomposition, to search key areas in the case.

Grime testified that a series of barks indicated the dog detected human decomposition in Bianca's bedroom, on her blanket, car seat, as well as in her bedroom and Lane's vehicle.

On cross-examination, Grime said the dog did not detect the odor of human decomposition on Lane's clothing.

Not long after Lane reported Bianca was taken by carjackers, police found his car nearby with the engine running.

Bianca has never been found. Police and prosecutors believe Lane killed Bianca, hid her body and concocted a carjacking story to cover it up.

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