Stay of euthanasia saves Ace for now

DETROIT (WXYZ) - 7 Action News has learned from the Detroit Dog Rescue that a judge has granted a stay on euthanasia for any pit bill resembling "Ace" until November 16th when a hearing will be held.

Before the order was issued on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Detroit Animal control said that despite public outcry, nothing could be done to save 'Ace' the dog.

Bruce King says that it is city policy to put down any pit bull or pit bull mix that is brought in after four days in order to give the owner a chance to come in and claim the dog.

Ace was discovered on November 4 in an Ace Hardware store in Detroit. The dog appeared to have been abused and starved.

According to city ordinance, an unlicensed animal can be put down within four days of being captured if an owner does not come forward.

Since he was found, nobody has come forward to claim the pit bull.

Several organizations have volunteered to take responsibility for the animal, including the Detroit Humane Society and the Detroit Dog Rescue. However, Animal Control doesn't hand over pit bulls to either adopt or rescue.

In a Tuesday meeting, City Council President Charles Pugh asked that there be an exception to the city's policy of adopting out dangerous breeds.

On Wednesday Pugh posted this on his Facebook page, "I'm doing everything in my power to save Ace's life, but his fate is ultimately the mayor's decision. This issue should be a no-brainer, but I'll continue pressing the mayor's office to show some compassion and do the right thing."

Pugh also released a full statement requesting that the Mayor's Office keep Ace alive:

It would be devastating to the good will of this City for the Mayor's office to allow ACE to die when a reputable, state-approved rescue agency has told us that they will rehabilitate the dog and determine if it's adoptable. My concern is the liability to the City, but this can be remedied by drafting a legal document relieving the City of its liability.

Another option is for the Mayor to temporarily suspend the City's policy. My office is looking at how we can amend the City's ordinance to allow dogs like ACE to live through a shelter-to-shelter exchange if we can have our liability removed.

The bigger picture is that this is not a battle we should be fighting right now given the more critical priorities we are faced with. In the meantime, the Mayor's office should do whatever is necessary to keep ACE alive.

A "Save Ace" facebook page has also been created.

Stay tuned to 7 Action News for any updates as they become available. 

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