Rash of home invasions plague Dearborn Heights neighborhoods

Dearborn Heights, MI (WXYZ) - Bobby Thompson says what is happening in neighborhoods in Dearborn Heights is "truly alarming."

A spike in home invasions in the city has residents on edge.

Police are investigating eight break-ins in recent days and tell 7 Action News they have seen an increase in the crimes over the last month and a half.

"Obviously the criminal is more comfortable going into some areas than others," said Corporal Mark Parrinello of the Dearborn Heights police department, while trying to make sense of the increase in incidents.

"In one incident, the homeowner feels like she may have seen the offender prior to her leaving," Parrinello said. "In another incident, a lady took her kids to school and came back 20 minutes later and somebody was in her kitchen. She saw him face- to-face and told him to leave and he said he was leaving."

The woman was not hurt.

Based on their investigation, police believe there are at least three groups responsible for these latest break-ins. Parrinello believes the thieves spend time canvassing a neighborhood and then wait for someone to leave their home. Once they do, they move in.

The bold thieves are taking cameras, big screen televisions, laptops and jewelry, according to police.

Police are urging residents to be aware of any vehicles cruising in neighborhoods.  They also recommend that they watch over their neighbor's homes and call 9-1-1 or Dearborn Heights police immediately if they see suspicious activity. 

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