Residents call for help about potholes so big that EMS rigs are afraid to drive down the street

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - A street is filled with so many large potholes that even EMS rigs are afraid to drive on the road, so residents called 7 Action News for help getting the problem fixed.

Christine Spidell steps down a couple of inches into the pothole on her street.

“I’m 5’6”” said Spidell. 

The potholes on Holbrook are so huge they have neighbors doing double takes.

“They’re not potholes, they’re craters,” said Spidell.

Then after it rains, it’s like throwing rocks in a pond.

The holes are so bad, that when an ambulance picked up Spidell on Wednesday, the driver took an alternate route to the hospital.

“The easier way down to Henry Ford was Holbrook to Woodward,” said Spidell. "But the crew would not drive the rest of the way down Holbrook like they normally would have to the hospital.

The reason for turning around is because if you hit a pothole, which is likely, you have a great change of bottoming out or losing control.

The neighbor a few doors down, Breia Anthony, watches cars lose parts in front of her home all the time.

“People’s bumpers and hubcaps we have to move out of the street all of the time,” said Anthony.

“You have to move them out of the road because you don’t want anyone getting hurt,” said Spidell

Neighbors sad it has been like this for at least one month and when they called Wayne County for help and did not get a response, they called 7 Action News for help.

“No one returned my calls,” said Anthony.

“If Chief Craig can get the crime cleaned up, then the city can clean up the potholes,” said Spidell.

Spidell said that someone from the City of Detroit called her and said that they would be out to take care of the road in the morning.

Residents have put a cone in the middle of the street to warn drivers.  Sometimes the cone works as a warning, but many times it doesn’t work in time for drivers.

The street light above the potholes doesn’t help the problem because it turns off and on every minute.

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