River Rouge man asks for help to trap a rooster that is living in his father-in-law's backyard

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. (WXYZ) - What would you do if you had a rooster making a home in your backyard? 

That's the problem facing a River Rouge man because the bird just won't leave. 

We can't tell you why the rooster crossed the road to hop the fence ten days ago, but we can tell you that the bird doesn't like to come out much. 

He built a nest under a tree in Rob Boell father-in-law's backyard. 

Boell has been feeding the rooster, but he doesn't want him here anymore--not because he hates farm animals—but because he likes them.

"I don't want him to be hurt, starved," Boell says. "He deserves to live like anyone, you know. Plus, he's a rooster."

Animal Control won't come out and trap the rooster. They say if Boell can trap it, they will take it.

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