First female director of the Michigan State Police says the job is a dream come true

LANSING, Mich (WXYZ) - Kristie Etue is the first female Director of the Michigan State Police and she says the job is a dream come true.

She also says her dad, a former trooper, never really wanted her to join the force. He told her to be a teacher or a nurse.

Etue was appointed Director by Governor Rick Snyder a year ago and while she has had some push-back because she is a woman, she believes she has proven herself.

She even believes that being a woman helps during difficult times, like if a trooper is injured or worse. She comforts not just the trooper's family but the entire department.

She says when she talks to school children they always ask if she ever killed anyone or shot anyone.  She has not but this mother and new grandmother says "if I needed to, I don't have one doubt that I could."

Etue has spent many years on the road and she says that's the heart of the Michigan State Police. That and other ways troopers help the community.

Her job now includes administrative duties.

On the day we spent with Etue, she was announcing awards for good service and for the Trooper of the Year.

Before the ceremony started she made sure she saluted the Trooper and asked his young son, "Do you know how important your dad is?" .

Etue says she would like to see more women become Michigan State Troopers and move up in the ranks.  She hopes she can inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

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