Stunning case of animal cruelty: owner accused of letting 5 dogs starve to death

FLAT ROCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - A stunning and hideous case of what appears to be animal cruelty has neighbors in this community shocked.

The remains of four dogs were found in a backyard kennel and it seems the animals were starved to death. Two dogs were found alive – but one was so weak it could barely move. Shortly after it was rescued Sunday police say the dog was euthanized.

According to a neighbor on Cahill where the dogs were found the animals were American Bulldogs and they were all several years old.

A neighbor tells us the dogs' owner moved out of the house where they were being kept several months ago, but the owner claimed he was feeding them.

But Sunday when the neighbor checked on the animals he found four decomposing carcasses along with the two surviving dogs.

One of the surviving animals remains at the Flat Rock animal shelter.

Police say the owner could face charges and that they will forward their case to the Wayne County Prosecutor's office.

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