Taylor store sells lucky $1 million Powerball ticket for second time

The Get & Go convenience store at the corner of Goddard and Beech Daly in Taylor is celebrating this morning after selling another winning Powerball ticket. 

There is no information as to when the winning ticket was sold. We're still waiting to hear from the lucky winner.

This marks the second million dollar winning ticket sold in less than a year at the store. It could mean even bigger winnings from tickets sold at this store in the future. 

Ivan Jarbo is part owner of the Taylor store.  A store where they sell winning Powerball tickets, hot food and everything in between.

“This is the second time happening in less than a year, so we feel pretty lucky,” Jarbo tells Action News.  After the sale of the first million dollar winning ticket, he says business boomed.

Jarbo says, “When we sold the first one we were having people coming from different, like 20, 30 miles away just to get a ticket.  Trying their luck so I guess it worked out for one of the lucky customers."

It has indeed worked out. Now, it’s only a matter of time before the Taylor store sells a jackpot ticket.

“Hopefully one of these days we'll sell a big jackpot here and again, go Taylor!” Jarbo said.

No mistaking a million dollars is a lot of money.  But to put everything into perspective, the winning ticket holder will take home just over $700,000.  That’s because the federal government takes and estimated 25% and the state takes their 4.25% share. 

Still, no matter how you do the math, it’s a lot of pocket change.

Jarbo's store stands to receive a $5,000 bonus from the Michigan Lottery.  His bonus will be issued once the winner comes forward.

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