Teachers from across the nation rally in Detroit for 2012 American Federation of Teachers convention

Teachers from across the nation gathered in Detroit for the 2012 American Federation of Teachers convention.

This afternoon, many of those teachers rallied for changes to their contract imposed by Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Roy Roberts.

The contract with Detroit's teachers expired on June 30th.

The Detroit Federation of Teachers says Roy Roberts never bothered to negotiate and imposed a contract which among other things cuts funding and increases class size.

Keith Johnson is president of the DFT.

"We're just not satisfied with the fact that it was imposed. Period," says Johnson.

Today, the president of the American Federation of Teachers asked for and got a face to face meeting with Roy Roberts.

She describes the meeting as candid and at times contentious, but she says there was progress.

"They have not agreed to collectively bargain, but at the end of the day they agreed that we need to think about what's going and we suggested very firmly and strongly that there needs to be a quick process with dispute resolution," says AFT president Randi Weingarten.

Weingarten says Roberts agreed to look at a proposal on how to resolve the collective bargaining disputes. That proposal will be presented to him by Monday morning.

"No I'm not happy. Happy would have been we'll sit down and negotiate, but was there progress made? Absolutely," says Keith Johnson.

Roberts is not required negotiate.

DPS teacher Pat Edwards says "We hope they'll listen come up with plan ... and have schools that will address the children's needs."

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