Testimony suggests dad accused of killing toddler has a temper when his children soil themselves

DETROIT (WXYZ) - On the stand, the 8-year-old daughter of D'Andre Lane often said she could not remember what happened or what she told investigators about the morning prosecutors say Lane killed his 2-year-old Bianca Jones.

Lane's 8-year-old daughter testified that she did not see Bianca moving in the car seat as their dad drove her and a teenage cousin to school the morning of December 2, 2011.

After dropping off the two children, prosecutors believe Lane disposed of Bianca's body and then lied about the toddler being taken by carjackers.

When prosecutors asked the girl if could see Bianca's face as she sat next to her during the car ride, she said she could not because "it was a cover over her face."

When she was asked who put the blanket over Bianca's face, the girl replied "My dad."

On cross-examination, the defense pointed out that the girl once told investigators that she saw Bianca sitting up in bed that morning, suggesting the toddler was alive and not dead as prosecutors have suggested.

Shalay Butler, the mother of Lane's 8-year-old daughter, testified about a time when her daughter told her that Lane shoved her urine-soaked panties in her mouth after she accidentally soiled herself.

Butler told jurors, "She said daddy stuck my underwear in my mouth".

Terry Johnson, Lane's defense attorney, says it's too soon to tell if Lane will take the stand in his own defense. 

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