The family of a local woman missing for 9 years says amazing story in Cleveland gives them hope

SOUTHGATE, Mich. (WXYZ) - "I just want my daughter back, I just want this nightmare to end," says Catherine Tierney of Southgate.

 Nine years ago, her daughter, Sarah Vitt, disappeared.

The last time anyone saw Sarah was in February of 2004 on Bewick street in Detroit. She called her sister and asked to be picked up, said she would call back with a location, but never did.

"It is a roller coaster of emotions says Rachel Vitt. I just want my sister back, there is so much I want to tell her, I miss her so much."

Sarah grew up in Southgate, was into sports and her mom says she was fun and sweet and loved to write poems. 

But some time after high school, she got into the wrong crowd and her mom says she started doing drugs.

Sarah's mom says this is with her everyday, it never goes away.  She wonders where her daughter is and if she is OK and being taken care of.

Catherine says she sometimes thinks maybe Sarah isn't alive, but even though she prays that is not the case, she does want to know what happened to her daughter so she can have some closure.

There is still an open case surrounding Sarah's disappearance, so if you know anything about Sarah Nicole Vitt, please call Detroit Police.

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