Three men arraigned on murder charges for deaths of two Hamtramck women

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Three men were arraigned Monday afternoon on murder charges for the deaths of two Hamtramck women.

Brandon Cain, Miguel Rodriquez and Brian Lee were arraigned on murder charges in 31st District Court in Hamtramck.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged 26-year-old Brandon Cain, 24-year-old Miguel Rodriguez, 24-year-old Reginald Brown, 19-year-old Jeremy Brown and 25-year-old Brian Lee with two counts of murder each and a long list of other charges for the deaths of Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown.

In total, five men are now accused of killing the victims.

Jeremy Brown and Reginald Brown were arraigned on the same charges. by video on April 5 in Romulus.

The suspects have each been charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of torture and two counts of unlawful imprisonment.

"And you actually thought you were going to get away with it," said Abreeya's mother Lois Brown after hearing about the charges. "Thank you Jesus! God is good I'm telling you. And, I do feel a little amount of closure," she said.

Yet, the healing gets even harder for Lois with the new news that her daughter and her best friend were tortured before being shot to death.

"I really don't want to hear a description of how they did my child. It's bad enough that she's dead and they killed her like they did," said Brown.

The women were abducted at gunpoint in Hamtramck and their bodies were discovered in a wooded area in Detroit two weeks ago.

Ashley and Abreeya were kidnapped February 28th and thrown in the trunk of a car.

Brandon Cain and Brian Lee were already charged in a separate shooting incident involving the women.

That shooting happened on February 8. Detroit Police allege that Cain ordered Lee to open fire on Ashley and Abreeya as they left his west side home.

Cain was reportedly upset that Ashley had just ended their relationship.

A bullet grazed Ashley, but she survived.

After Ashley and Abreeya went to police and the investigation began, Cain allegedly began trying to bribe the women, hoping they would not testify against him in the shooting.

The women refused thousands of dollars from Cain because they wanted to see him and Lee prosecuted.

Sources tell 7 Action News that investigators have secretly recorded conversations of the bribery attempts.

During the investigation, Detroit Police urged Ashley and Abreeya to stay away from Hamtramck and even put them up in a motel in another county so Cain couldn't find them.

But on February 28, Hamtramck Police say Cain and Lee finally caught up to the women and kidnapped them.

For weeks, police from Hamtramck and Detroit along with Michigan State Police searched for Ashley and Abreeya.

The attorney for Brian Lee tells 7 Action News that his client is innocent of everything, including the shooting at the women on February 8.

"There was no physical evidence linking him to anything. No fingerprints. No DNA. Even the witnesses themselves describe the shooter who is 5'7 and named "Scoochie" or "Scooch," said attorney Arnold Reed.

Reed said that Cain is trying to make Lee the fall guy and that the two barely know each other. Reed also claimed that Lee was only arrested because police thought he had valuable information.

"Innocent people shouldn't be accused of a crime and arrested just because you think they can lead you to a killer. That's not right," said Reed.

Meanwhile, Brandon Cain's attorney says his client had no motive to kill the women.  "My client has no animosity against these two women.  They were friends," said attorney Wright Blake.  "I can't tell you anymore until we get the discoveries."

The men are also charged with 2 counts of Torture and 2 counts of Unlawful Imprisonment.  Cain and Reginald Brown have additional Felony Firearms charges.  Cain has also been charged with Felon in Possession of A Firearm.

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