Tigers fans spill out onto the streets of Detroit to celebrate Tigers sweep of the Yankees

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Tigers fans screamed with joy as soon as the umpire called the last out.  

"I'm so excited right now. I came from California to come out here," said Chuck Chang.

The fact they had to sit through Wednesday's rain delay and then canceled game seemed to fade into the background.  Some even used the postponed game to their advantage.

"It was too late for me," said 12-year-old Max Hubbard.  Thursday's early start time allowed him to go to the game.  

"Really, it was really fun," he said.

That fun spilled out onto the streets where the fans outside the ball park had just as much fun.

"I'm excited, very excited. I didn't go to yesterday's game. I had tickets for tomorrow night's game. But I've been down here all week," said Stanley Maul.    

He is too jazzed about the ALCS Championship win to even feel bummed out about not being able to use the tickets they had for tomorrow night. Plus, he has another set of tickets. 

"I'm going to the World Series!" he shouted.

Thursday's game was a piece of baseball history that everyone wanted to celebrate.

"We're extremely excited for the city of Detroit," said former Pistons player Earl Cureton.  "This is huge, this is big.  But, the Pistons are on their way back, I want you to know that," he said after the game outside the ball park.

What these former Pistons players know, is that a win for the tigers is a win for the entire city of Detroit.

"They finally got over the hump, they finally realized what they can do, and now we are going to the World Series, and it's all good," said former Pistons player James Buddha Edwards.

Fans even celebrated by dressing the big tiger outside Comerica Park in their Detroit pride.

"Watch out St. Louis here we come!" screamed fan Nikki Cheatom. "St. Louis, San Francisco, it doesn't matter.  We're going to win the World Series title!"

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