Toddler dies from overdose of medication used to treat drug addiction; Mom and man charged in case

CANTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - Andrea Rodgers, 20, and a man she once shared a home with in Canton are both facing charges of Involuntary Manslaughter and Second Degree - Child Abuse in connection with the death of Rodgers' 18-month-old son, Silas Rodgers.

Silas died in June after ingesting Buprenorphine, a medication used to treat drug addiction.

Ryan Moody, 25, is not the child's father, but he once dated Rodgers and lived with her and Silas in a home on Maben street in Canton.

Police reportedly believe the medication was carelessly stored in the house.

Neighbors say Moody moved out within days of Silas' death, but it appeared he returned about a month ago to visit Rodgers for a few days.

We're told Rodgers moved out of the Maben street home about a week ago.

After relatives posted their bonds, Rodgers and Moody were both released pending the outcome of the case.

Neither could be reached for comment and both requested court-appointed attorneys to represent them.

Rodgers and Moody are due back in court in early November for a preliminary examination where a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order the two to stand trial.

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