Toronto-based developer wants to turn controversial Wayne County jail site into soccer stadium

(WXYZ) - A Toronto-based developer wants to turn the controversial Wayne County Jail site into a
Major League Soccer stadium. 

Steve Apostolopoulos, co-founder and managing partner of Triple Properties, says his company's plan also includes about 1 million square feet of residential space, high-end retail, and office space.

Triple Properties also owns the Silverdome, the Penobscot building and other downtown properties.  Apostolopoulos tells the 7 Investigators that the $1 billion proposed project would be one of the most significant developments in Detroit in the last few decades.  The proposal calls for re-developing the site where the new jail is being built, as well as two of the older jail properties known as Division I and II, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, the nearby Juvenile Justice Center, as well as the former Detroit Police Headquarters at 1300 Beaubien.

Apostolopoulos says his family's company is committed to Detroit.  "The nucleus going on in downtown Detroit is huge," said Apostolopoulos.  "It's a really passionate city."

The County stopped construction on the new jail after learning the project was $91 million over its $300 million budget.  Five different developers have submitted bids to re-develop the site instead of proceeding with construction.  They include:

-Rock Ventures, owned by Dan Gilbert
-Triple Properties Detroit
-CGL Companies, a Miami-based company that offers "facility development solutions"
-Rose Auction Group,a real estate auction company
-Todd Fenton, a former Wayne County EDGE employee

County officials are not releasing details of the proposals yet.  They will evaluate the proposals, and present them to the Wayne County Building Authority and the Wayne County Commission sometime in the next two weeks.

The jail has been the subject of scrutiny ever since the 7 Action News Investigators exposed corruption in Wayne County and the current FBI probe back in 2011.

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