Two people attacked in case of mistaken identity involving men they say were from a bail bond agency

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Two men are attacked in a case of mistaken identity. They tell 7 Action News the men from a bail bond agency did not believe them until it was too late.

Police who were on the scene said that the mistake happened because both men have 'George' in their name.

The men that kicked in the door of a Detroit home and busted out the glass and beat up 19-year-old George McCurdy and gave him the giant knot above his right eye. They also attacked McCurdy's uncle. 

 "Somebody grabbed it and just throw you on the ground like that, that's what they did to me," said George.

His grandmother says the men were from the ‘You Walk Bail Bond Agency' in Detroit and were looking for the man that skipped court Tuesday.

"His name is George, too and my grandson's name is George, so they thought they were looking for him," said Minnie McCurdy.

McCurdy said they were actually trying to find her other grandson, 21-year-old Kennedy George-William Trammell. He put her address on his bail bond form. She says they pushed their way into the home and found George in the basement. He has a closed head injury from a motorcycle accident last year and confused, threw up his hands.

"I'm down here. You don't have to beat me up. What you going to beat me up for?" is what George said he told the men who came down the stairs.

His grandmother says they put him in handcuffs and beat up his father who was also home, but didn't let them go until she pulled out George's identification and showed them their mistake.

"Oh, this is something else," said McCurdy.

When we went to you walk bail bond agency they told me no one could help me until the morning. When I called back again later I was told a message would be left with the owner. 

George's cousin was supposed to be in court to face a charge he was driving on a suspended license.  George and his uncle who was also beat up had to go to the hospital for their injuries.

The family said they are pressing charges against the agency.

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