Wafer's defense attorney attacks police work, officer expected to be recalled to the stand

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Coming up on Wednesday, at least one Dearborn Heights police officer is expected to be recalled to the stand to explain what happened to a $100 bill that was reportedly found in Renisha McBride's pocket, but not marked as evidence.

Wafer's lead defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter says police video and audio captured officers talking about the money and walking through the blood of Renisha McBride as she lay dead on Theodore Wafer's front porch.

Shortly after Wafer shot and killed the 19-year-old, he told police it was an accident and that he didn't realize his shotgun was loaded.

Wafer is charged with Second Degree Murder and Manslaughter. During trial Carpenter said Wafer fired in self-defense, fearing McBride was trying to break into his home.

With a number of witnesses for the prosecution, Carpenter has been trying to point out and attack what she suggests is shoddy police work that could have helped Wafer's defense.

Michigan State Police Sergeant Shawn Kolonich, a firearms expert, testified Tuesday that he conducted multiple tests on Wafer's Mossberg shotgun and concluded that it was functioning properly and the trigger needed just over 6 lbs of pressure to fire.

Kolonich determined that McBride was no more than eight feet away when she was struck in the face by the buckshot pellets.

About 13 pellets were recovered from McBride's body during autopsy.

Also on Tuesday, before the jury was brought into the courtroom, Carpenter made another attempt to convince the judge to allow jurors to see McBride's activity on Twitter and a 2009 police report that, reportedly, accuses McBride of vandalizing a woman's car.

Because McBride deactivated her Twitter account in 2012 and the alleged vandalism occurred when McBride was just 15-years-old, Judge Dana Margaret Hathaway denied the defense's request.

Hathaway said the items are "too removed" to have any bearing on the trial.

Prosecutors were expected to rest their case on Wednesday, but the recall of the officer(s) could delay when the prosecution rests and the defense begins with any of their witnesses.

Carpenter has not said if Wafer will testify in his own defense.



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