Warren may vote to restrict fireworks with emergency ordinance

(Warren - WXYZ) - Warren's City Council is expected to address an "explosive" topic on Tuesday night.  This as council votes on an emergency ordinance restricting fireworks.

The vote would challenge state law.

The state legislature specified that everyone in Michigan will have the right to set off fireworks, including bottle rockets, on the day before, of, and after 10 national holidays.  That includes Independence Day. 

Local communities would have the option of restricting fireworks on other days. 

Some Warrant city leaders say state lawmakers ignited problems when they passed this rule.   They say the fireworks are dangerous and a nuisance.

They have proposed an ordinance that would restrict fireworks all of the time, despite state law.

The ordinance would restrict when they can be fired and where.  It would prohibit the launching of fireworks within 200 feet of a residential building, vehicle, tree, or bush.  It would ban their use on public property. 

This would make it almost impossible to find a place to blast off fireworks in the city.

Warren's city council is expected to take up the fireworks ordinance when it meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Action News wants to know what you think about this ordinance.  Is it appropriate for the city to challenge state law?  Are these fireworks a right or a nuisance?  Vote in our poll and leave your comments below to make your opinion heard.

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