Judge denies Griem's motion to be removed from Bashara murder case

(WXYZ) - A judge has denied a motion filed by Bob Bashara's attorney David Griem requesting that he be removed from the case.

36th District Court Chief Judge Kenneth King questioned both Griem and Bob Bashara and ruled that Griem did not have sufficient reason to be removed from the case.

 "I have to have something.  You cant just come in and say I quit.  It doesn't work like that," said Judge King

Bob Bashara says he does't want Attorney David Griem representing him. Prosecution questioned the move suggesting it was a delay tactic.

They say a key witness is scheduled to testify at a preliminary exam on Tuesday, and that witness has a life threatening illness.  They said delaying the exam could compromise the case.  They also said that several witnesses have voiced fear for their lives.  Prosecutors said by getting their testimony on record, justice and people will be protected.

In his motion filed Wednesday Griem writes, "There has been an irreparable breakdown in the attorney/client relationship as a result of which the undersigned move to withdraw as counsel."

Bob Bashara has been charged with trying to have his former handyman Joe Gentz killed.

Gentz is charged with murdering Bashara's wife Jane. Gentz has claimed to investigators that Bob Bashara hired him to kill Jane, then forced him at gunpoint to strangle her in the garage of the Bashara's Grosse Pointe Park home.

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