Bob Bashara held on $15-million bond; allegedly set up hit on handyman at furniture store

Bashara allegedly tried to do hit deal at a store

(WXYZ) - Bob Bashara allegedly tried to hire a hit man at a furniture store in Detroit near the Grosse Pointe Park border. That's according to multiple Action News sources.

We reached out to the owner of the store Wednesday night. The owner said he was not ready to talk. 

Police sources confirm to Action News they have audio and video recordings of the alleged deal. According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, Bashara met with more than one person during several meetings, the most recent of which took place in June.

Bashara's attorney says the plot was a set up by police and that because prosecutors didn't have evidence to charge Bashara in Jane's murder, they staged this alleged hit deal.


Bob Bashara has been arraigned on one count of "Solicitation to Murder" in connection with an alleged plot to have his former handyman, Joe Gentz, killed in jail.

He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in 36th District Court.

A judge set bond at $15 million cash or surety.

In arguing for a high bond, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey said that Bashara posed a "substantial danger" and that "It is clear he is unraveling."

Bashara must not have contact with any witnesses. If Bashara happens to post bond, he must turn in his passport, driver's license and must have a GPS tether.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced charges against Bashara Wednesday morning, saying the motive was clear: Bashara does not want Gentz to testify in any upcoming hearings.

Gentz is accused of killing Bashara's wife Jane, and says he was paid by Bob Bashara to commit the crime. Bashara has been a person of interest in the murder.

Worthy says Bashara met with two people this month to hatch a plan to kill Gentz.

She also said there was an exchange of money for the hit. Sources say he paid this person $2,000.

Bashara's attorney David Griem says a hit on someone in jail is almost impossible.

"The odds are a million to one," says Griem. "Police wanted a warrant. They couldn't get a warrant on Bob Bashara regarding the death of Jane Bashara but they found another way to get a warrant."

Bashara was arrested on Monday at his rental property in Grosse Pointe Park.

Joe Gentz is the only one charged so far for the murder of Bob's wife. Gentz is in jail awaiting a competency hearing scheduled for July 23.

The prosecutor suggested that the solicitation charge announced today could help in the Jane Bashara murder investigation.

"The investigation into the murder of Jane Bashara continues today as we announce these related charges," said Prosecutor Worthy. "The defendant's alleged attempt to kill Joseph Gentz has served to advance that investigation."

It is alleged that Bashara was trying to have Gentz killed before any other court proceedings.

Attorneys for Bashara argued for a low bond, saying he has strong ties to Grosse Pointe and that he is not a flight risk. They say he has cooperated in the investigation into his wife's death.

But at the arraignment Wednesday, prosecutors said Bashara threatened his tenants not to talk to police or he would throw them out of their apartments.

Prosecutors also revealed that Bashara's ex-mistress Rachel Gillett may also have been a target on Bashara's hit list, and another woman may have been as well.

Susan Reed, Gentz's attorney, said Bashara is erratic.

"I don't believe he's someone who can control his temperament or emotions," said Reed after today's hearing.

Sources tell 7 Action News Bob's plan was to have Gentz kill Jane and when the job was done – Gentz was to meet the same fate. According to police sources, it was Gentz who says he was forced by Bob at gunpoint to strangle Jane inside the Bashara's garage at their home on Middlesex.

Bashara approached someone he trusted last week to arrange the murder of Joe Gentz . Sources are telling us that it was that unidentified person who informed police.

We are being told that person agreed to let police record his conversations with Bashara.

The attempt on Gentz's life was supposed to take place in jail, according to sources. There was no set date when it was supposed to take place.

The Gentz family released the following statement about the latest developments:

The family is relieved that police arrested Bob Bashara. We are very upset that Bob tried to put a hit out on Joe. Joe always said he has wanted the truth to come out.

Bashara is also facing allegations that he violated a Personal Protection Order filed by Rachel Gillett . Gillett's attorney tells 7 Action News that Bashara went to Gillett's house and tried to have a third party contact her.

Gillett is Bashara's former mistress. She filed a request for the PPO in April saying that she was concerned about her safety and that she was terrified of Bashara.


Bashara's body was found in the backseat of her SUV in Detroit in January. An autopsy found that she had been strangled.

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