Wayne County Homeland Security remains vigilant after the explosions in Boston

WAYNE COUNTY,Mi (wxyz) - "You hope for the best and prepare for the worst", says Tim McGillivary, the Director of Homeland Security for Wayne County.

He says what happened in Boston on Monday is a devastating dose of reality. He is watching for bulletins or emails or text messages or anything that relates to our area, just in case.

He says it is a time to remain vigilant, not just for law enforcement, but for people in the private sector as well.  He says private security systems have become a great help to law enforcement.

McGillivary, a former police officer says Wayne County and all the surrounding counties and local, state and federal law enforcement have a great partnership and would come together in the event of an emergency.

Just three weeks ago, law enforcement held a regional exercise dealing with terror attacks and while they hope they never have to use what they practice, they need to be ready.

He says when you hear about what happened on Monday, it gives you a "pit in your stomach" and your heart goes out to the victims.

He says "soft targets," where large numbers of people gather or come and go, are the hardest to defend against an attack.

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