Who would stay and who would go if the proposed entertainment district gets final green light?

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Who would stay and who would go if the proposed sports and entertainment district gets the final green light?

"Wow," said Reno Russell as he looked at where the new sports and entertainment district would go by his place.  He lives right across the street from the area.

 "I don't see it as a down side for the city at all," said Russell.  He also sees an upside for himself.  He bought his condominium tow and a-half years ago.  Homeowners here expect their property values will definitely go up.

 "I hope so.  All I can say is I hope so," said Russell.

Although, depending on when they bought them, some residents said they did lose some money on the condos, but other say they had been making money on them.

"They're going up and up and up and so I think they're going to continue to go up and I think that would help," said Brett Bose.

While some will make out by staying here, another group could be cashing in to leave the area.  Sitting within the area where a new home for the red wings would go, is the Greater Detroit Transportation Company.  They own about four blocks worth of businesses here and their vice president tells 7 Action News they are in talks to sell.

The negatives we have heard residents living right around here throw out, is they said it will be a little more congested, and what side of the complex they will face.

"That's one thing I was kind of worried about.  Are we going to be looking at the back of the stadium? Am I going to be looking at the parking lot?  What am I going to be looking at?  Hopefully it looks nice," said Russell.

Even that didn't seem to be that bad to some.

"It's better than looking at what's there now," said Bose.  A lot of the area is an empty parking lot or buildings with graffiti on them. 

"Oh I think it's great, I think it's great for the city, and I like the action, I like being in the middle of it," said Brett.

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